Knitting Patterns


I learned the basics of knitting from my aunt one summer when I was little. I made my first wonky garter stitch scarf with leftover yarn, in an earthy ochre color that I didn’t care for. Nonetheless, I wore it that winter proudly. Since then, I have always enjoyed knitting my own scarves, hats, mitts and eventually excelled to sweaters and cardigans as I grew up. Many milestones in life were marked when I started to knit for people I love and care for – cardigans for my mother’s birthdays; sweaters for my husband (my boyfriend then); layette for the birth of my nephews and niece, new babies of my friends, and of course my own baby boy and girl; afghan for the family, etc. And now, a new milestone in designing that I would like to share with everyone.


If you are interested in my designs and would like to be notified of new pattern releases, please subscribe through here.

All of my knitting patterns include both charts and written instructions, unless it is impractical to do so.  Individual patterns are available online for purchase through Vicky Chan’s Ravelry Store in pdf format.
Please click individual photos below for more details and to purchase.

aaron mittsaaron hatjustina mittsjustina hatSherry reversible hatpatriciaamelieameliaoliviadebbiemadeline Angelina - easy trendy cardiganIris - fern lace loop scarf


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