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Books, one can never have enough…

Japanese books

I love Japanese craft books because they are full of gorgeous designs and are beautifully illustrated.  It helps that I read Chinese characters and a bit of Japanese when I pore over them.  But one probably can get by without understanding Japanese as the books are full of fantastic charts and diagrams.  I purchased them from either cdjapan or yesasia online.  These book are addictive.  Before I know, I’ve already collected a shelfful of Japanese books on crochet, knitting, sewing, embroidery and zakka.  It’s just so pleasant and relaxing to browse through them in a comfy chair.

I love purple – sneak preview of new design

It seems like a long time ago when Clair was released. I have done lots of bad stuff (mouwahaha) with this latest project of mine – frogging many times and taking lots of breaks.
Does the stitch pattern look familiar to you? It is based on the lacy shells of Ada that I really like. I definitely love the purple with the lace.  I hope you like it too.  (Please visit again for more details when the pattern is released in this fall.)

lacy shells cardiganlacy shells cardigan

I love continuous motifs – sneak preview of new design

Ever since I had weaved in hundred of ends for 2 motif projects, I was rather discouraged to start another project of this type.  However, after coming across this inspiring Japanese book “Continuous Crochet Motif” by Nihon Vogue Sha, I know I would design a piece with continuous floral motifs.


And this is it!  The entire shrug is continuous and seamless! I have absolutely conquered my motif-phobia.

IMG_8132cont motif shrug

Baby Cardigan Gina – sneak preview

Thanks to the kind encouragement from the wonderful Gina, I have designed this new baby cardigan. Adopting the lovely floral stitch pattern from Arianna, this little piece is a sweet baby version of Irene.


Matching top for Arianna – sneak preview

To answer to Louise’s request, this matching top for the Arianna cardigan is designed and created.  (For those who don’t know, Louise is the sweet and lively moderator of my Vicky Chan Designs group on Ravelry.)  This is the design that I’m finally happy with after some prototyping.  Though it makes a twinset with the cardigan, I think it looks just as polished on its own.  What do you think?

IMG_6919 IMG_6993

More details to come when this pattern is available.
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Flower Power – sneak previews

Arianna – two-way floral lace cardigan

After designing Angela for my daughter, I wanted a similar cardigan (but with floral details) that is easy to throw on in a rush for the morning or going out.  Arianna sure does the job for me!
In drapey kimono style and with elbow length sleeves , Arianna is full of flower power – dainty cheery blooms brimming all over, plus a beautiful floral lace yoke on the back.
It can also be worn “upside down” (as shown in photo below on the right) with extra fabric around the neck for additional warmth and coziness.

Also, thanks to Mr Antonio Gonzalez-Arnao’s generous support, the beautiful Malabrigo Sock yarn used for this cardigan has made my project a wonderful experience.

IMG_5732 IMG_5904 yoke


Julia – floral lace tunic

I love the floral stitch pattern I specifically designed for Arianna so much that I have restyled it into a more open lacework for a spring/summer garment. Julia is the end result – a chic feminine A-line tunic with moderate hi-lo hem and yoke, made with breezy cool linen. I’m so ready to say goodbye to the Winter with all this blooming flower power!


More details to come when these 2 patterns are released.
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