My Favorite Little Gadget


I am fond of these little versatile Clover Locking Stitch Markers.  They make my crochet and knit projects even more enjoyable.  They are easy to clip on and to remove, and my yarn does not get caught in them.  The pointy end is just right and does not pierce the yarn or my fingers. The more I use them, the more I love them.  They are particularly good for crochet projects, I use them:

  • to mark my stitches, keep track of stitch increases and decreases
  • to mark buttonhole placement
  • as stitch holder when I want to take a break or try on the wip (work-in-progress) piece — no more accidental unravelling  for me
  • as a “frog stopper” —  clip it to where I want to stop ripping, and rip back without worrying about frogging past where I shouldn’t

If you’re still using safety pins and paper clips like I did, it’s time to say goodbye to them and buy a pack of these little cuties.



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