Monthly Archives: January 2015

ZERO effort Simple DIY Light Box

I was planning to make a DIY cardboard photography lightbox after some online research.  The DIY part is rather easy, though required a bit of time and patience (which I unfortunately lack). Ultimately, the most difficult part is to come across a good cardboard box.  In the end, I managed to retrieve a 60-Qt toy storage box from my grown-up kids.  And I’m all set, after finding few more items readily at home :

  • a piece of white light-weight fabric for draping over the box to diffuse the light
  • a white cardboard for “infinity” background
  • a couple of halogen lamps for lighting

No handy/crafty-woman work involved, zero, zip, nada.


Large clear storage box + white light-weight fabric


Drape fabric over box, put white cardboard in box for background, turn on the lamps, and presto! Lights, camera, action!


End result photo without editing — scarf project using 12mm needles and super bulky yarn, taken in a basement room without windows (i.e. no natural light at all).

End result photo with minimal editing — slight adjustment with brightness and contrast.